Molly Noble

Actor / Director / Teacher


  • Every person deserves a Molly Noble in their life- whether that be as a teacher, a friend, creator, director,colleague,actor,mother or muse. If the Artistic life can be measured only in Quality and Truth, then Molly adds these to every life she touches.

    Nigel Richards, Actor
  • Molly is one of the funnest, nurturingest, silliest, scatteringest, deepest, talentedest, fullofwonderfullofgrace-est people I know! And you may quote me.

    Jeffrey Bihr, Director
  • I trust her completely.

    Lauren English, Director
  • Molly Noble has an extraordinarily compassionate and empathetic soul, and that, coupled with her ability to precisely hone in on the emotional life going on just beneath the surface of my words, has made her one of my favorite directors to work with. Her holistic approach to a script results in the type of performance in which all the right connections are made, all the synapses fire.

    Kenn Rabin, Playwright
  • One of the most sensitive and insightful directors I've come across. Molly's vision and ability to work with actors brought my script to life in wonderful and surprising ways.

    Malachy Walsh, Playwright
  • Molly was given only one and ½ hours to direct my short play for that night’s show. “But let’s take our time,” she said. We all relaxed. Molly gently gave a few insights—like little handfuls of tossed glitter– and the actors went from saying lines to being the characters in the moment of the scene. And we still had one hour and 20 minutes to rehearse.

    Emily Esner, Playwright
  • Molly Noble is one of those people and theatre artists that you hope to work with and also why you went into theatre in the first place. Spending that summer and working with Molly as an artistic director and also as a fellow actor in the company, was one of the happiest work experiences of my career. She is a perfect storm of heart and mind and a deep passion for theatre and life.

    Jody Gelb, Actor
  • Theater is an art that depends on collaborative trust. Trust between actors and playwrights, actors and audience, and actors and actors. Molly is the very guardian of this trust — as a supportive director, as a generous actor, and as a champion for those real meanings that only theater can reveal.

    Stephen Dietz, Actor