Molly Noble

Actor / Director / Teacher


As an actor, Molly Noble has performed the classical worlds of Chekhov, Shaw and Shakespeare, the modern worlds of Guare, Wertenbacker and Pinter as well as the characters of contemporary and new playwrights. Her training reflects a devotion to voice, mask, clown, viewpoints and ensemble building.

She received the Dean Goodman award for her portrayal of Lady Utterwood in Heartbreak House, and critical acclaim for Lotty in Enchanted April – both at Porchlight Theatre Company.

  • The word is out: Porchlight Theatre Company is performing outdoor theater of a very high order. Previous summer productions featuring resident actors/directors Molly Noble, Elizabeth Craven, Tara Blau and John Craven have enthralled audiences, and as the buzz grows, so does the audience. This is how the best theater happens–organically produced from rich soil, good seeds and careful tending… So, the buzz is true, and the marvelous cast, the redwoods and a warm Marin evening make Heartbreak House a thoughtful summer pleasure.

    Lee Brady, Pacific Sun Heartbreak House | Porchlight Theatre Company
  • Porchlight has arrived – and in fine style, too. This time around, we have Chekhov undiluted, in the form of a poignant yet surprisingly funny The Seagull.

    Charles Brousse, Marin Independent Journal The Seagull | Porchlight Theatre Company
  • …it’s hard to imagine Wilder… doing anything but giving this cast a standing ovation. Michelle Talagrow’s full-spectrum portrayal, Molly Noble’s vigorous consistency, infinitely likable and believable Tim Kniffin, blissfully spontaneous Josh Schell stand out as exceptional amid a substantial cast of their peers.

    Lou Fancher, SF Weekly Our Town | Shotgun Players
  • Molly Noble as Mrs. Gibbs offers some of the evening’s most affecting and authentic moments when speaking from the grave.

    Charles Kruger, TheatreStorm Our Town | Shotgun Players
  • Noble… is simply a brilliant performer.

    Alison Kjeldgaard, Art Animal Inevitable | San Francisco Playhouse
  • Inevitable packs a powerful dramatic punch (largely due to Lauren English’s solid direction and Molly Noble’s poignant physical transformation).

    George Heymont, Huffington Post Inevitable | San Francisco Playhouse
  • Why do we fall in love? Or out of love? What roles do fate, timing, and past experiences play in this?

    Set in San Francisco, this dance theatre piece chronicles the lives of three friends as they navigate a shifting landscape of the heart’s desires. Audiences called the workshop “amazing,” saying they “loved the raw honesty and humor” and “I held back tears at least twelve times!”

    never fall so heavily again | BrickaBrack Theatre
  • Molly Noble as Lotty Wilton, brings innocent glee to her quest for liberation. Her buoyant lead performance sets the pace and tone for a delightful evening.

    Dan Taylor, Press Democrat Enchanted April | Porchlight Theatre Company
  • Molly Noble is the play’s enchantress, giving Lotty a sparkly brilliance that bursts with infectious, confident cheer. The play is poetic and heartfelt, and Noble mirrors those attributes beautifully.

    Olga Azar, Marin Scope Enchanted April | Porchlight Theatre Company


  • This sold-out play is superbly directed by James Dunn [with] a wonderful cast which includes Molly Noble in a regal and sympathetic portrayal of Gertrude.

    Flora Lynn Isaacson, Westside Observer Hamlet | College of Marin
  • Spangled with high-octane talent, the show includes… Molly Noble as Queen Gertrude and Charles Isen in dual roles as the ghost of Hamlet’s father and the Player King.

    Barry Willis, Marin Independent Journal Hamlet | College of Marin